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Mapping of available query paramters for the modules index




Optional _poll

_poll: undefined | false | true

Whether the request is a API poll request

Optional as_of

as_of: undefined | number

Returns modules that have not been updated since the value defined as seconds since UTC epoch

Optional cache

cache: undefined | number

Number of milliseconds to cache the query response

Optional connected

connected: undefined | false | true

Return results that connected state matches this value

Optional dependency_id

dependency_id: undefined | string

Returns modules with the given dependency

Optional limit

limit: undefined | number

Number of results to return. Defaults to 20. Max 500

Optional no_logic

no_logic: undefined | false | true

Returns modules that are not logic modules (i.e. they connect to a device or service)

Optional offset

offset: undefined | number

Offsets of the results to return. Max 10000

Optional q

q: undefined | string

Optional running

running: undefined | false | true

Return modules that are running or not stopped

Optional system_id

system_id: undefined | string

Returns modules that are in the given system


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